Pass me the bottle of hennington (henny)



Be clear. THEY give us the roles that make THEM comfortable.

Please realize.

Anonymous asked:
Nobody I like, likes me back. Can you help me figure out what's wrong with me?



Nobody I like, likes me back” implies that there are people that do like you, but they’re not the particular ones you want. 

You got Hollywood aspirations and YouTube looks. 

Humble yourself. 


I only fuck with real niggas sorry

My bathroom is very messy at the moment


Azealia is so important

It’s official I can’t wait till December

He so sweet I might have to settle down

Never try to play me

That will get you cut quick smh you wasn’t even on the team to begin wit





Travi$ Scott for Mark McNairy New Amsterdam 2015 Spring/Summer Collection

Bruh he a real nigga. Slides on the run way fuck it.

The spring line huh? White people are fuckin’ silly we been rockin’ this shit since the spring of 82’.

RIGHT. “spring line?” i just seen a nigga dressed EXACTLY like this to go to the corner store a couple weeks ago.

I need some fucking bait

So let me get this straight…


when a white woman who has openly made racist, homophobic, and transphobic remarks, and insulted others on a regular basis dies of a heart attack. I’m supposed to feel bad and if I don’t I’m an asshole.

But when an innocent, unarmed black teen is executed, and his killer is DEFENDED, GIVEN LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY IN DONATIONS, AND GETS TO WALK FREE, im supposed to be cool with that and not make an issue of it?

I need some fucking bait

I don’t need the club or a bar

Just give me a few bottles of Henny and I’m good